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A kotlin-first tool to intercept android network calls, modify requests/responses and mock entire APIs. Also includes a cool DSL, that helps to reduce boilerplate code and simplify development.

btw, Iris is my daughter's name 🥰


  • Works with Retrofit, Volley and every libs that depend on OkHttp
  • Allow intercept call on 3rd party libs
  • DSL to avoid boilerplate

Why use Iris Mock?

  • A centralized tool to intercept, modify and log requests/response
  • As it works at bytecode level, can be used with 3rd party libs
  • No need to apply KAPT or KSP, since it's implemented directly through Kotlin Compiler Plugin
  • No need to do SSL things, like inject certificate


  • Add support to Ktor
  • Expand DSL
  • and many other cool things